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Pic Brand Values

The Cycle

The Enterprise cycle demonstrates improved engagement with customers and ensures strategic commercial goals are met. A virtuous cycle of development and feedback gives us key insight into application success.

Workflow cycle

Increasing "dwell time" with customers is fast becoming a core objective when developing an Enterprises App solution. As it improves your team’s likelihood to engage with your key investors and advocates rises dramatically.

With less time available and more tasks to fit into a working day, clients are less likely to invest their time in sales meetings where they are perceived as being "sold to" by a field sales rep. Instead they want a trustworthy, informative, interactive solution which enables the sales force to "upload and tailor make" presentations on their native tablet App. Always connected and relevant, Enterprise solutions enable the protagonist to serve a targeted, credible body of marketing collateral which the recipient can rely upon to gain a deeper understanding of their sector, products or market information.

Enterprises solutions enable your brand to communicate thought leadership status, authoritative market analytics, online and relevant data, updated and improved daily in connection with your own product development. We provide a modern, interactive and secure solution designed to draw customers into your sphere of influence.

Talk to us about our industry recognised Secure Development Life Cycle for Enterprise Apps that have specific security requirements.